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UIndy employees

In an effort to both provide a more modern and flexible phone system, as well as shift to a subscription model that will allow our phone costs to better reflect our true usage and size, we will be moving to Google Voice for all phone services.

Google Voice is a digital phone system built for the cloud and ties straight into your UIndy Google Workspace Account. Google Voice will replace your current physical phone. You will perform all calling activities either on a browser on your computer or an app on your mobile phone.  Your University phone number will not be changed.

For a quick overview of Google Voice you can watch this video.


Will the physical phone on my desk still work?

No, the current phones are not compatible with Google Voice and will be collected. Google Voice will be accessed on your computer or, if you choose, your mobile device.  For areas that currently have shared phone numbers, new physical phones will be installed.

Do I have to use my personal mobile phone, or can I just use my computer?

If you choose, you may download the Google Voice App and use it on your personal mobile device.  However, Google Voice will be accessible on your computer.   

Will I have to download another app on my personal mobile phone?

Only if you want to use Google voice on your personal mobile phone.

I don’t need a campus phone number, can I just give mine back?

Maybe, as we work through the project we will be working with each department to determine which phone numbers are in use.  Phone numbers deemed not needed or not in use will not be converted.  The final list will be approved by the department head.

If my department gives up phone numbers will my department be able to keep the savings?

No, the savings generated by the switch to Google Voice will contribute to the overall university efforts to right size expenditures. 

If I’m on Google Voice, can I still call someone on campus who’s not transitioned to Google Voice, yet?

Yes, you may either look them up by searching for their name or enter their full 10 digit phone number using the keypad.

My office uses a “call tree”, can Google Voice do that?

Yes, Google Voice can be set up to provide Auto Attendant service, ring groups or call trees.  Please take notes about how these work now in your office and we will work with you to recreate the functionality you need.

Will I be reimbursed for using my own cell phone?

No. Use of your cell phone is not required. You can always use Google Voice in a browser on your computer.

Once your phone number has migrated to Google Voice:

  • Phone calls can be made from your computer or mobile device
    • A headset may be desired; UIndyIT has a limited supply of basic headsets with microphones (see image below).
    • IT will collect your existing desktop phone (it will be incompatible with Google Voice).
  • Employee phone numbers will be searchable within Google Voice; 4-digit extension dialing will no longer be available.
  • Dialing 9 (when on campus) will no longer be necessary to reach an off-campus phone number.
  • Email notifications will be received for any missed calls.
  • Voicemails will be automatically transcribed and sent to your email.

Please note:  previously saved voicemail messages on your physical phone will no longer be accessible.

Depicts headset