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Business Mail Office and Student Package Pickup

Business Mail Office: Esch Hall, 046

Student Package Pickup: Esch Hall, 042

Monday thru Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

UIndy's Business Mail Office (BMO), serves as the distribution point for mail delivery, pick up and drop off.

Student Mail

  • Student mailboxes are assigned at the beginning of each semester. 
    • Visit Esch Hall 042 to get your mailbox assignment and combination. 

See receive mail as a UIndy student resident for more details. We also have a Tech Guide specifically for when you need to send mail from UIndy campus as well.

Student Package Pickup
  • When a package is available for pickup, students will receive a UIndy email delivery notification:
    • Package pickup is in Esch Hall 042.
    • Student IDs are required for package pickup 
    • For security reasons, you cannot pickup a package that does not have your name on it
      • Exceptions can be made if the recipient notifies personnel and provides permission of who is authorized for pick up. 
  • Small packages are delivered to student mailboxes and do not generate a delivery notification email. Be sure to check your mailbox first if you think something is missing. 
  • Over breaks, all packages are held in Esch Hall 042 and are available for pickup once classes reconvene.

If you are going to have any medicine that will be mailed to you and needs refrigeration, please contact Facilities Management to help work through logistics.

Employee Mail

Campus mail is any mail that is addressed to one department from another department on campus. 


Business Mail Office staff will deliver:

  • Campus Mail
  • USPS mail 
  • At times small USPS packages
Pick up

Business Mail Office staff will pick up:

  • Campus mail
  • Small amounts of any USPS stamped mail
  • Small amounts of outgoing USPS metered mail so long that it has the correct billing account number on it by either way of, post-it or written on the back of the last envelope

All campus mail that is picked up will be delivered the following business day.

Drop off

Departments that need to send out any of the following items, are responsible for dropping them off in Esch Hall 046.  Please be aware that these items will not be processed by the postal service until the following day.

  • Large volumes (any stack bigger than a handful) of outgoing USPS stamped mail
  • Large volumes of outgoing USPS metered mail that has the correct billing account number on it by either way of, post-it or written on the back of the last envelope

Employee Packages


Facilities staff will deliver Amazon, FedEx, UPS, large USPS and other carrier packages addressed to university departments or employees to department front offices.

Drop off

Departments are responsible for dropping off all outgoing packages to the proper location below based on carrier:

  • USPS:  Business Mail Office in Esch Hall 046
  • UPS (ground only): 2 Drop Box Locations
    • Schwitzer by the north entrance doors
    • Ruth Lilly lobby area
  • FedEx (ground only):  Facilities Building located at 3802 Shelby St.