Add a new device on Duo

This article is applicable to those who have already enrolled in MFA with Duo. If you have note enrolled, please see Enroll in MFA with Duo.

Have a new phone after you've already enrolled in Duo? Want to enroll multiple devices on Duo for backup purposes? You can easily add new devices right from the Duo Prompt.

If you're adding a new device to replace one that you previously activated for Duo Push, don't select the Duo Push authentication method unless you still have the original device. If you don't have the original device but you have a new device with the same phone number, then you can authenticate with a phone call or SMS passcode.

If you do not have access to any of your previously enrolled authentication devices, you'll need to contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.

Add a new device

  1. From the Duo MFA prompt. Click Other options link.
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  1. From there, click on Manage devices.
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Choose an authentication method and complete MFA to begin adding your new device.

After enrollment, your new device is added and listed with your other enrolled devices. You can click Add another device to start the enrollment process again and add another authenticator.