Identify job scams

The latest phishing campaigns targeting UIndy students are offering tempting internships, job placements, and research assistant jobs.  The easiest way to recognize these emails is that they are coming from or asking you to email generic addresses ending in,, or and usually are disguised as UIndy faculty or staff. 

DO NOT engage in email exchanges, give money or accept their checks, give passwords, gift cards, or any personal information.  Report these emails as phishing in your email account.  If you have given them money or banking information, contact your bank ASAP.  Questions? Contact UIndyIT at [email protected].

How To Identify Job Scams

Be wary if the job posting or email exhibits any of these signs:

  • Email or contact to you that you were not expecting to receive
  • Asks for any money
  • Asks for you to make purchases on their behalf such as gift cards
  • Asks for sensitive personal information
  • The person is out of town or on a business trip and not physically able to meet
  • Focuses on how much money you'll make. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Uses a generic email address such as,, or (check on the actual email address used in the from field or email address given as the reply to)
  • References their company but don't use an email address from their company's domain
  • Links to a fake or minimalist website
  • Lists a company without an established physical office
  • Has spelling errors or lacks a professional tone
  • References getting your contact information from your university or career center

If a company is legitimate it usually takes them a while to sort through applications and respond to you. Be wary of immediate responses to your applications.

What To Do If You Suspect a Scam or Have Been Scammed

  • If you are unsure or believe something is fraudulent, forward the email to IT Help Desk ([email protected]).
  • If you have already sent money, contact your bank or credit card company right away to close the account or dispute the charges.  Then, contact UIPD ([email protected]).

Real examples of latest 2023 job scam emails

Depicts actual job scam email
Depicts actual job scam email
Depicts actual job scam email

If you are interested in an internship, please contact the Professional Edge Office of the University of Indianapolis and register with Handshake, the University's student employment partner.