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Purchase technology with departmental funds

There are a number of technology items that may be purchased with department funds without submitting a request to UIndyIT. UIndyIT may be able to assist with purchasing some items at discounted rates. Keyboard trays may be requested from UIndy Facilities.

Items not specifically listed must be purchased by UIndyIT.  Faculty Development Funds may not be used to make these purchases. All other University purchasing rules apply.

Independent Department Purchasing UIndyIT Assisted Purchasing UIndyIT Must Purchase
  • Printer paper  

  • Blank CDs and DVDs  

  • Laptop cases  

  • Laser pointers  

  • USB-based presentation remotes

  • Jabra speakers (plug-and-play for instant collaboration)

  • Webcams

  • USB thumb drives
  • USB or external hard drives

  • Keyboards  

  • Computer Mice  

  • Speakers  

  • Extension cables for USB connections  

  • Digital still cameras

  • Handheld digital voice recorders 

  • IoT devices (e.g. Google or Alexa home devices)

  • Computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Printers
  • TVs/Flat panels/Monitors

Encryption software should be installed for any device used for backup or data storage; contact UIndyIT for assistance.

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