Disinfect tech equipment

Disinfect your laptop, tablet, or video equipment

Laptops, tablets and video equipment require additional care when cleaning due to the high potential for liquid damage.  These items should be cleaned with Isopropyl Alcohol since it evaporates much quicker than other cleaning agents.  Please note that Isopropyl Alcohol is not as effective as the other cleaning agents provided across campus for disinfection so additional care should be taken when handling these sensitive items.  Best practice is to wash your hands prior to use and after use and to not eat while also using these devices.

Disinfect your desktop (external) keyboard, mouse, or other devices

All other equipment (keyboards, mice, power cables, headphones, etc) should be cleaned with a rag sprayed with disinfecting spray, or a disinfecting wipe and allowed to dry.  Please be sure to not over saturate the rag or allow the solution to drip into the devices.

Disinfect your printer, copier, or multi-function device

See specific instructions from Gordon Flesch to disinfect your printer, copier, or multi-function devices.

Do not spray any cleaning agent directly onto the equipment.  Instead, spray the cleaning agent onto a lint-free cloth/rag and then wipe surfaces.  

Facilities will be periodically cleaning computer labs with disinfectant for most buildings. We encourage you to sanitize your hands properly before and after using lab computers.