Take your desktop home

Only consider taking your desktop home if your job will allow you to remain working from home full time and will not require you to return to campus to do work.

Know what you have at home

  • Please check to make sure that you have WiFi at home, and you know how to connect to it.  UIndyIT does not have the ability to assist connecting your desktop or laptop to your home WiFi.
  • Have a location with enough power to plug in both the computer and monitor.

Before you disconnect

  • Take a photo of the back on your desktop and the connections to ensure that you know where everything is plugged in.  This will help you reconnect everything when you get home.  UIndyIT will not be able to assist with reconnecting your desktop at home.
  • Before disconnecting, mark the cables and corresponding ports so you can easily reconnect them at home. 
  • If there is an adapter attached to your monitor cable, take a picture of the connection, and take it with you.  Reconnect the same way at home. 


  • Please handle the equipment with care.  Monitor screens are especially prone to breakage.  Please transport lying flat, face up, and with nothing on top, if possible.
  • Make sure that you take the power cable for the monitor and computer.  Please note that the PC desktops have an AC adapter that looks like a laptop power cord.  Make sure to take this home and keep track of it.
  • Make sure that you take the keyboard and mouse.  If you have a wireless keyboard and mouse, the dongle should already be plugged into the computer.  Please keep track of this.
Pick up your desktop kit from IT
  • The desktop kit includes a USB Headset (if needed) and the WiFi antenna for the desktop (PC only).
Set up your desktop at home
  1. Screw on the antenna
Depicts step 1
  1. Plug in keyboard, mouse, monitor, etc. before plugging in power for the monitor and computer.  

If the computer beeps loudly instead of turning on normally, please: 

  1. Turn the computer off
  2. Unplug the power
  3. Disconnect and reconnect the mouse and keyboard
  4. Reconnect the power
  5. Turn on 
  1. Log in and connect to your home WiFi.