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Upgrade your computer's operating system

This article is designed to guide you through the appropriate procedures you should take in preparation for upgrading your computer's operating system.

Backup your device

It is important that you take the time to back up your device prior to upgrading your operating system. This will help to assure that in the event that any issues arise, your files can be restored, if necessary.

Allow time for your upgrade

It is important that that you allocate enough time to complete the upgrade as you will not be able to use your device during the upgrading process.

Other considerations

Be sure that if your device is a laptop it is in a place with a strong internet connection and is plugged in throughout the upgrading process.

Defer your upgrade

It is recommended that upgrades are done approximately two-three months after their initial release to allow for any potential issues to be addressed, (eg. printer driver and software compatibility).

UIndyIT will send alerts, if there are known compatibility issues, after a new operating system has been released.