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Get device recommendations for UIndy's WiFi network

The UIndy wireless network is a state of the art network with many advanced features. To take advantage of these advanced features, devices must offer the proper support. The most important feature that your device should support is a wireless protocol called 802.11ac. Devices which do not support this feature will have trouble reliably streaming video content or playing live multiplayer games.

This article is designed to articulate some known considerations of various devices when connected to the UIndy network.

PlayStation 4  

Playstation 4 Slim and Playstation 4 Pro both support 802.11ac. Playstations purchased prior to 2017 will not support the newer technology and will have a tremendous amount of buffering and connectivity issues when used in dorms or apartments. If you do have an original Playstation 4 you can connect directly to the ports at the bottom of the access point with an Ethernet cable.


The original Roku Streaming Stick uses older technology and has an inferior antenna. If using Roku, be sure to purchase the Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810, or newer, to take advantage of the latest features, specifically 802.11ac. This will help to minimize connection issues and to further help you avoid an excessive buffering of video content.

Smart TV

When purchasing a smart TV be sure that the TV supports wireless protocol 802.11ac, and/or offers an Ethernet port.