Connect to your Home Directory

A Home Directory, often referred to as an H: Drive (formerly known as Locker), is space on a campus server where you can store files and documents. You can access your Home Directory when logging into a computer on the UIndy network with your UIndy credentials. 

Though H: Drive is available we recommend the use of Google Drive for nearly all of your document storage needs. Google Drive has better security options, more flexible file sharing, individual backup file restoration, and is less expensive to support.

Windows 10

1. Navigate to your Windows "File Explorer".

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 2. Right click on This PC.

3. Click on Map network drive...

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4. Choose and select any Drive letter.

5. Enter \\homedir\home\UIndy Username in the "Folder:" field.

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A Windows Security message will appear.

  1. Enter\your UIndy username  in the "Username" field.
  2. Enter your UIndy password in the "password" field.
  3. Check the box next to Remember my credentials.
  4. Click on the OK button.


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After connecting you will be able to access your UIndy Home Directory.

Depicts UIndy Home Directory
  1. On the Mac desktop click Go on the menu bar.
  2. Click Connect to Server.
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3. In the box that appears enter smb:// Username.

4. Click on the Connect button.

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  1. In the next window, click the radio button next to Registered User.
  2. Enter your UIndy username and password in their respective fields.
  3. Click on the Connect button.
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After clicking "Connect" you may be prompted with another box asking you to confirm the connection, simply click Connect again to proceed.

8. You are now connected to your home directory and will see your UIndy username as the drive name.

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Note that in order to connect to the Home Directory when not on the UIndy Network you will need VPN access. Navigate to the following article to Download and install the UIndy VPN software for more information.