Soundflower Audio App for Mac laptops using MirrorOp

In order to play audio through MirrorOp projection on Mac laptops, you will need to install the SoundFlower app. Soundflower will not work with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Install Soundflower
  1. Navigate to download the proper Soundflower audio driver.
  2. Click on the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file.
Depicts step 2
  1. In your systems downloads click the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file recently downloaded.
Depicts step 3
  1. Double-click the Soundflower.pkg file.
Depicts step 4
  1. You will receive an error message saying that the file can't be opened click OK.
Depicts step 5
  1. Click System Preferences on the Mac Dock.
Depicts step 6
  1. Click on Security & Privacy.
Depicts step 7
  1. Click Open Anyway.
Depicts step 8

The "Open Anyway" option will only appear if you have recently tried to open the Soundflower.pkg file.

  1. You may be prompted for an administrative password, if so input this now.
  2. Click Modify Settings.
Dpicts steps 9 and 10
  1. Click Open when prompted in the pop-up window.
Depicts step 11
  1. If the program does not launch automatically you will need to navigate to the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file window, and the double-click on the Soundflower.pkg as you did in steps 3 and 4.
  2. You will be guided through the install process. Follow the install program by clicking Continue.
Depicts step 13
  1. Enter an administrative password if required.
  2. Click Install Software.
Depicts steps 14 and 15
  1. You may receive a "System Extension Blocked" message, if so click Open System Preferences.

If you do not receive this message please proceed to step 19.

Depicts step 16
  1. Click Allow.
Depicts step 17
  1. Return to and click on the Soundflower.pkg file to run the install again.
Depicts step 18
  1. A message will appear saying "The Installation was Successful" click Close.
Depicts step 19
  1. You will be asked if you would like to move "Soundflower installer to the Trash". It is recommended that you keep the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file. Click Keep and save the file to your system wherever you like.
Depicts step 20
  1. In order to verify and use Soundflower return to the "System Preferences" and click Sound.
Depicts step 21
  1. Click Output.
  2. Click Soundflower(2ch).
  3. Click Close and Soundflower is good to go.
Depicts steps 20, 21, and 22
Uninstall Soundflower
  1. Locate the saved Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file obtained during the install process.

If the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg was not saved during the install process, you will need to complete steps 1-3 of the Install Soundflower section of this article.

  1. Once located double click the Soundflower-2.0b2.dmg file to launch.
Depicts step 2
  1. Click and open the Uninstall Soundflower.scpt file.
Depicts step 3
  1. Click the Play Icon to run the script.
Depicts step 4
  1. Once script is done, restart your system and Soundflower will be uninstalled.