Check out IT equipment at a Tech Checkout Kiosk

Laptops, Blu-Ray players, and some tech peripherals may be reserved and checked out for instructional use at UIndy's Tech Checkout Kiosks. Laptops are reserved for faculty who have not been issued a University laptop.  

Depicts Tech Checkout Kiosk
Reserve equipment
  1. Submit an  IT Help Desk ticket for your reservation request. 
  2. Complete the form with the details of your reservation request. 
  3. Click Save
  4. Check your email. The Help Desk will confirm your reservation through the ticket and provide details to retrieve your requested equipment.  
Take and Return equipment

You will need your University ID in order to check out equipment from the Tech Checkout Kiosks. 

  1. Hold the barcode on the front of your University ID 1” - 4” below the scanner located beneath the number pad.
  2. Your name will appear in the digital readout above.
  3. When prompted to make a selection, press the bin # assigned to you from your ticket confirmation. 
  4. When prompted, press 1 to take the equipment or 2 to return it; your bin will pop open. 
  5. Take or return the equipment (with power cable if a laptop); close the bin.

You may "Take" your equipment up to 1 hour before your reservation begins and must "Return" it within one hour after your reservation. 

If you are checking out a laptop, remember to take the power cable with you and return it when you bring the laptop back. 

If you teach multiple class sections per day, request that the reservation begins before your first class and ends after your last class. 

Locate Tech Checkout Kiosks

We currently have three Tech Checkout Kiosks on campus. The reservation confirmation in your Help Desk ticket will indicate the Kiosk and bin number for your reservation. Kiosks have been placed in the following locations: 

  • Good Hall, room 211. 
  • Health Pavilion, fourth floor next to the print release station.
  • Schwitzer Student Center, 1st floor in the lounge located beside The Perk.