Install MirrorOp on mobile devices

Wireless presentation is a service available on most flat panels and projectors. This service allows for devices to connect wirelessly to flat panels and projectors in most meeting spaces and classrooms on campus. Using this service can be done through the MirrorOp app. Once you download the MirrorOp app on your device, you may access the service from UIndy, UIndySecure, or UIndyGuest wireless networks.

The MirrorOp app for smartphones and tablets does not support audio. If your presentation has an audio component, you will need to connect with a laptop.

Download the App and Setup

  1. Tap either Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone, iPad, iPod) from the home screen of your smart device.
  2. Type MirrorOp Presenter in the search bar.
  3. Tap the Install (Android) or Get (iPhone, iPad, iPod) button to download the app.
Depicts step 3 Android version
  1. If prompted, click Accept for the permissions settings.
Depicts step 4 Android version
  1. After the download is complete, open the MirrorOp Presenter app on your phone or tablet.
Depicts MirrorOp app icon
  1. The first time you open the app, you will see the Start guide.
  2. Swipe left through the Start guide until you get to the final page, labeled PresentSense.
  3. Tap on the Tap to start text to continue the setup process.
Depicts step 8
  1. From the Main Menu, tap the plus sign (+) button to be taken to the Functions menu.  
Depicts step 9
  1. Tap the circle next to the sources from which you may want to present (e.g. Document, Photo, Video, Browser, and Settings).
  2. Tap Done.
Depicts steps 9 and 10

ScreenMirroring is only available on Android devices.

  1. From the Main Menu, tap on the Settings (gear) icon.  
Depicts step 11
  1. From Settings menu, tap the circles next to PresentSense, Share to browser, and Shortcut.
Depicts steps 12
  1. During step 12, you may receive a pop-up window asking "to access this device's location". Tap Allow.
Depicts step 13
  1. During step 12 (if your Bluetooth is turned off), you will receive a pop-up asking "to turn on Bluetooth". Tap Allow.
Depicts step 14
  1. Once everything has been selected tap Done in the upper right of the settings page.

For information on how to use MirrorOp on your mobile device see Present from MirrorOp on mobile devices.