Use the Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl provides a speaker, camera, and microphone for your hybrid meetings. You can choose to use one or all of these features in your virtual meeting. To use the Meeting Owl, you will need either a USB or USB-C port on your computer and a power source.  

Set up the Meeting Owl:

  1. Power cable and display cable should be already plugged into the Owl on the bottom side. 
    1. Plug USB or USB-C cable into the correlating port on your laptop. 
    2. Plug the power cable into a power outlet. 
  2. The Owl will turn on and hoot (like an Owl). The eyes will light up. 
  3. Within your virtual meeting (Google Meet or Zoom), you will need to select the Owl for your audio and/or video device, depending on which features you are using. Meeting Owl 3 will be the device you can select for Microphone, Speakers, and Video.
Depicts step 3

For detailed documentation, see Owl Lab's documentation on how to get started with your Owl.

While it can be used, please note that the Owl is not ideal for large meeting spaces like UIndy Halls.