Present Google Drive wirelessly from mobile devices

Wireless presentation is a service available on most flat panels and projectors. This service allows for devices to connect wirelessly to flat panels and projectors in most meeting spaces and classrooms on campus. Using this service can be done through the MirrorOp app. Once you download the MirrorOp app on your device, you may access the service from UIndy, UIndySecure, or UIndyGuest wireless networks.

Before you can use Google Drive from MirrorOp, you must first download the MirrorOp app for your mobile device. For installation instructions see Install MirrorOp on mobile devices.

iOS Mobile

We recommend not using this feature on your iOS device due to the MirrorOp app requiring access to your Google account, specifically seeing and downloading all of your Google Drive files. Instead, please Present from MirrorOp on laptops.

Depicts MirrorOP app permissions message

To use Google Drive with MirrorOp on an Android device, it is recommended to use the screen mirroring feature available through the MirrorOp App for Android. Then, access your Google Drive directly though either the Google Drive App (available on any mobile app market) or through any browser on your Android device.