Use smart cameras in designated conference rooms

The Huddly IQ Smart Camera is a USB webcam that uses “smart framing” to change the camera view based on the orientation of participants in a room. To get a sense of how the framing works with multiple people sitting around a table, please see the demo video. These cameras have been installed in the spaces listed below.

Available in:

  • Smith Board Room (Sease Wing, President's Suite)
  • President's Dining Room (Schwitzer Student Center, 1st floor)
  • Health Pavilion 202 Conference room
  • Fred Hill Conference Room (Esch Hall, 212)

Setup in Smith Board Room, President's Dining Room, and HEAL 202

  • Camera must be plugged into Zoom or Google Meet host’s laptop via a USB cable and software must be installed.
  • The first time the camera is plugged into a new device you will receive a prompt to install the Huddly IQ App. Alternatively, the app can be downloaded at
    • The app is available for Windows and Mac users.

Setup in Fred Hill Conference Room

  • Same as above for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) users.
  • There is a teaching station in the room that is already configured. No additional setup is required if the existing computer is used.


  • Check to make sure the USB cable is securely plugged into the computer and also into the camera.
  • If your computer only has a USB-C/Lightning port (most Macs), then you will need an adapter or specialized dongle.
  • When using Zoom or Google Meet:
    • If the camera isn't showing the view from Huddly IQ Camera and using the built-in laptop camera instead. Go to the camera menu in the lower left select the drop down, and select the Huddly IQ as the active camera.
    • If the microphone is using the built-in laptop's microphone instead of the Huddly IQ camera microphone. Go to the microphone menu in the lower left select the drop down, and select Huddly IQ as the active microphone. 
    • If auto-framing isn’t working, then you need to make sure the Huddly IQ App is installed and running. It will show up in the systray in Windows.