Secure your Shared Drive

Teams sharing sensitive information such as research, student data, personnel information, financial records, etc. must be secure.  Below is a handful of best practice recommendations that can help allow your team be productive, yet remain secure and ensure that the University’s data doesn’t end up in the hands of criminals.

Use Shared Drives whenever possible

Shared Drives allow maximum control over the information being shared, without sacrificing usability.  See how to get started with Shared Drives for details.

Require all users to have 2-Step Verification enabled

When working with sensitive information, it is important to ensure that the users accessing information in a Shared Drive have 2-Step Verification enabled.  

Verify appropriate access

Consider turning off the following settings:

  1. Sharing outside University of Indianapolis
  2. Sharing with non-members
  3. Download, copy, and print

For more details on each of these options, see change how your Shared Drive files can be shared.  

Review team membership

As employees and students leave the University, transfer to another team, or no longer need access to your Shared Drive, be sure to remove their access to your Shared Drive.  See Google's documentation Manage or remove members for details.

Review Google Shared Drive membership no less than annually to prevent unwanted exposure of your sensitive information.