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Request email encryption via Virtru

All UIndy account holders have Gmail confidential mode automatically. See Use Gmail confidential mode for more details. Virtru can be requested, in addition, see below for more details.

About Virtru

Virtru is an email encryption service incorporated into Gmail and available to UIndy employees by request. This encryption technology allows the sender to secure individual emails by encrypting email content, disabling forwarding, applying an expiration date (which will automatically remove an email from a recipient's inbox), and/or adding a watermark to attachments.

Recipients are not required to have Virtru in order to receive an encrypted email. Instead, they will receive a Virtru link that will grant them access to the content. Please see the following for reading and replying to a Virtru encrypted email without installing Virtru.

Request Virtru license

If Virtru has be recommended for you, or your department, please submit a ticket to the IT Help Desk to request a license.

Virtru licenses can only be applied to individual accounts and not service accounts.