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Use Google Meet in a separate application on your computer

The Google Meet Progressive Web App (Meet App) is a standalone app that allows you to join and create Google Meets without using a window or tab in your browser, eliminating the awkward workflow of switching between the Meet tab/window and another browser tab/window you're using during the meeting. 

Google's documentation on downloading the Google Meet Progressive Web App on your computer gives step by step instructions for downloading and installing the app, but the install button can be hard to find initially. 

  1. Navigate to https://meet.google.com using the Chrome web browser.
  2. In the far right area of the web address/location bar in Chrome, click the Install icon shown below (a small icon depicting a downward-facing arrow in the upper-right corner of a monitor icon).
Depicts steps 1-2
  1. After the Meet App is installed, you may want to create a shortcut on your desktop or in your MacOS Dock to make the app easy to open in the future. 
Depicts desktop shortcut icon
  1. To use the Meet App to join a meeting, you will either need to:
    1. Open the app first and then click a listed meeting to join it, or
    2. Right-click a Meet URL in Google Mail or Google Calendar in Chrome and select "Open Link in Google Meet". Otherwise links will continue to open in a new Chrome tab or window instead of the Meet App.
Meet App with meetings listed
Depicts step 4

The Google Meet Progressive Web App runs on any device with Google Chrome browser version 73 and up.