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Mass email options with UIndy Gmail

A message sent to more than 100 addresses is considered mass email. For those areas with a need to communicate or market to larger groups of people, there are two options available: an email list powered by Google Groups or a paid service with Delivra.

Google Groups

A UIndy Google Groups list is appropriate if most of the following criteria are met:

  • You need to reach moderate numbers of people, with a mix of UIndy and non-­UIndy addresses.
  • Discussion via email amongst the recipients will be needed or desired; one-­way only communication is also available.
  • The content primarily contains text and basic HTML formatting (e.g. bold, italics, font size changes).


Delivra is appropriate if most of the following criteria are met:

  • You need to reach very large numbers of people, primarily with non­-UIndy addresses.
  • Communication will be one-­way only (i.e. email discussion will not be needed).
  • Clickthrough and receipt rate reporting will be required.
  • Extensive HTML formatting capabilities will be needed.
  • Mail merge capabilities will be needed.

Getting started

If your needs more closely align with a UIndy Google Group list or if you are unsure which solution you need, please open an IT Help Desk ticket or call (317) 788­-3318.

If your needs most closely align with the use of Delivra, please contact Communications & Marketing at [email protected]. Please be aware that individual departments are responsible for the costs involved with using the Delivra service. Generally, each message costs between one and two cents per recipient.