Export with Google Takeout

Students can download data from their UIndy Google account using Google Takeout. This tool can be especially helpful when students need to transfer UIndy Gmail out of their UIndy account. Google Takeout is an app within Google Workspace that allows you to archive and download your Google data.

To reduce the risk of malicious or unintentional data loss, Google Takeout is not available to UIndy Employees.  Please remember to keep your personal data separate from your work data.

Select the content to archive Google data

  1. While logged in to your UIndy Google Account, navigate to https://takeout.google.com/.
  2. Select the applications you would like to include in your Takeout archive with the toggle switches on the right side of the screen.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Next.
depicts steps 2 and 3

Create your archive

On the next screen, you can customize the format of your archive file.

  1. Choose a File type. Most computers can open a .zip file, so we recommend choosing this option unless you have experience working with the other file types.
  2. Determine the Archive size (max) size. Choose the maximum file size that is close to, but not under, the total size of your Google files. To determine the size of your Google files, navigate to https://drive.google.com/settings/storage while logged into your UIndy Google Account.

If you are using an older operating system, your computer may not be able to open files larger than 2GB, so 2GB is the safest max file size to choose.

Be aware, however, that If the total size of the files you chose to archive is larger than 2 GB, Google will create several files for you to download.

  1. Select the file Delivery method you prefer. Google will email your UIndy address with a link to your archive. You can choose a download link or for a link to be emailed to your UIndy account. Alternatively a file(s) can be saved to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other online storage services.
  2. Click the Create Archive button.
depicts steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Download your data

You will receive a link to the archive file in your UIndy email account once Google finishes creating it. Google documentation states that this process could take several minutes or hours. You will have one week to retrieve the archive before it will be deleted. In the event that it is deleted you will have to create the archive again.

If you chose for the archive file(s) to be delivered to your UIndy email or Drive, you will need to retrieve the files before your UIndy account access is shut off.

Your emails and attachments will appear in your archive as an MBOX file. For more information about opening the MBOX file, watch and follow the steps in the following video: Importing MBOX files from Google Takeout. (Video not created or maintained by UIndy.)