Using Google Voice Ring Groups

Ring groups are set up to let people in your department answer calls placed to a departmental Google Voice number.

See what Ring Groups I belong to
  1. Open Google Voice.
  2. In the Call as box on the right under your picture or initial, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of your assigned Google Voice number.

Your assigned Ring Group will be listed below your direct line phone number. 

When you receive an incoming call either on your computer or cell phone (if you have the Google Voice App installed on your mobile phone - recommended for the best experience), it will list:  “Gail Cooper to UIndy IT Help Desk” or (317) 788-3361 to UIndy IT Help Desk”.

Place a call from the Ring Group number
  1. In the Call As box, click the dropdown arrow and select that line as the Call as number.