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Setting up Live Stream with Google Meet

  1. Open Google Calendar (calendar.google.com).
  2. Click the + Create button.
  3. Select Event.
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  1. Click the Add Google Meet Video Conferencing button.
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  1. Select the drop down arrow View conference settings.
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  1. Select Add live stream.
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  1. A This will reset your settings box will appear. Click Add live stream.
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Add any guests that will be presenting during your stream before adjusting host/guest controls.

Setting Host Controls
  1. Click gear icon for Video Call Options.
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  1. Have host management checked.
  2. Adjust settings as needed for all viewers. Typically for a live stream you will not want any disruptions so all these settings can be unchecked. 
  3. Meeting Access controls: Having the Host must join before anyone else box checked can help avoid anyone connecting and viewing the presentation before it is ready to be displayed. 
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  1. Trusted is a good option for making sure that users are joining with their UIndy account without needing to be let into the meeting room.
  2. Click Save button.
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If you choose to select, open, anyone with the link whether they are part of the University or not will be able to join without needing to request access. Restricted requires guests be let into the stream by host/co-host. This could be desired in some cases, but requires more attentiveness to allow all attendees in. 

Setting Guest Controls
  1. Click gear icon for Video Call Options.
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  1. Select Guests.
  2. Check the box next to Everyone is a viewer by default.
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  1. A co-host is anyone you want to be able to, mute others, present their screen, record the call, admit visitors, and assign other co-hosts. Individuals that you would like to present or manage the stream in any sort of way can be added in the co-hosts portion.  (Co-hosts not automatically added as guests to event).
  2. Any users that you would like to be able to raise their hand, send chats, share their screen, or use mic/camera, can be added as a contributor

It is recommended for all of these users to be muted during the meeting until they are ready to speak. Because of their permissions being different from the viewers, backup noise will be heard from their end if not muted.