Access linked Google files in My UIndy

You must be logged in to your UIndy account to see documents housed in Google Drive linked in My UIndy. If you receive a "You need access" error, your browser may be using a personal Google account.

If you see a non-UIndy account listed:

  1. Click on the listed email address.

You will then be redirected to a page asking if you would like to choose another account.

  1. Click on Sign in to another account link.

Choose a Google account will appear next.

  1. Select your UIndy account. You may need to verify your password.
  2. If your UIndy account doesn't appear, select Use another account and enter your UIndy account credentials.

Google will then ask you which account to use with Google Drive.

  1. Select your UIndy account.
  2. Click the Continue button.

If your UIndy account has access, the file will appear.

If you receive a “You need access” warning and your UIndy email address appears at the bottom of the page, you may not have access to the file by design. The file owner may have intentionally limited access to the file.