Change your UIndy account password

You can change your UIndy account password at any time. Before setting your password, read through the password rules. To view requirements necessary for creating and maintaining password security on all UIndy Accounts, review the UIndy Password Policy

If you have a University-issued laptop, please change your password while your laptop is connected to the Unversity's network and test logging in with your new password after it has been changed. If you have issues following your password change, please contact the IT Help Desk or call (317) 788-3318 for assistance.

Change your account password

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click on the Change Your Password button.
Depicts step 2
  1. Enter your UIndy username.
  2. Click Next button.
Depicts steps 3 and 4
  1. Enter your UIndy password.
  2. Click the Submit button.
Depicts steps 5 and 6
  1. Under the "Create and confirm your new password" section; enter and confirm your new password.
  2. Click the Reset Password button.
Depicts steps 7 and 8