Prepare to leave UIndy for Students

UIndy students have access to their accounts while they are actively enrolled in classes. After the last date of enrollment, access to the following services is removed:

  • After 4 months: All UIndy systems except Google and Office 365 (e.g. Brightspace, Self-Service, UIndy App, Library services, Computer Labs)
  • After 1 year: Google Workspace (e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Drive) and Office 365

Student accounts will only be reactivated upon re-enrollment. 

Within 120 days after your last class, be sure to:

  • Create a personal Google account if you don't have one already!
  • Transer files from your UIndy Home Directory, often referred to as an H:Drive, to a personal Google Drive account, for example. See Connect to your home directory for details.
  • Remove anything from Adobe Creative Cloud storage. See Access your UIndy Adobe Creative Cloud for details.

If you do not transfer files from your H:Drive or Adobe Creative Cloud accounts before you lose access, you will not be able to access those files. 

Within 365 days after your last class, be sure to:

  • Students may use Google Takeout to transfer files from their UIndy Google Account to a personal (non-UIndy) Google Account.
  • Remove all files from OneDrive to a personal Google Account. See download content out of OneDrive for details.
  • Contact anyone who you may use your UIndy email address to contact you and make sure they have your personal email address. This is especially important for your resume or job contact information!
    • Don't forget to update your social media accounts with your personal email address, as well.

You will lose all access to your UIndy Google Apps, Office 365/OneDrive after 12 months from the last date of enrollment. You will not be able to access these accounts after this time.