Prepare to leave UIndy for Employees

As a UIndy employee, if you are preparing to leave the University there are several items that can be prepared in advance. To verify when your account access will be shut off, please see Losing account access to your UIndy account Tech Guide.  If you have any questions regarding the employment status, please contact your supervisor.  

University hardware

You must return any University-issued hardware and accessories on your last day worked.  Exceptions must approved by your supervisor and IT, in advance.  To return hardware to IT in Schwitzer 050, please select an appointment from this calendar.

PC Users

Let your supervisor know if you will be turning your hardware in to Human Resources, your supervisor, or IT.

MAC Users

You must return your hardware to IT, so we can confirm that you have signed out of your Apple ID on the computer.

Computer & Google Drive Files/Google Forms

All UIndy data must remain on UIndy resources.  The following is considered UIndy data (including but not limited to): passwords, birth dates, Social Security numbers, addresses, phone numbers, credit card numbers, health records, grades, enrollment information, class rosters). Make sure that any files or documents you move do not contain this type of information. See UIndy's Record Retention Policy for more details.

If you do not do this before you leave, your supervisor may submit a ticket to request access after you leave.

Transfer of Google Drive and computer files is permanent.

Google Voice

If anyone needs delegated access to your email after you have left the University, you may delegate your email, see View delegated email Tech Guide for directions.  

If you plan to have your email delegated, please put a Vacation Responder on the email to let others know you are no longer with the University. Delegates will retain access to email accounts for six (6) months. 

If you do not do this before you leave, your supervisor may request access after you leave by submitting a ticket.

Microsoft Office & Adobe Files

If you have stored any data or documents in your UIndy Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft OneDrive, or Adobe Acrobat accounts that you wish to keep or that need to be transferred to another member of your department, you will need to make those transfers BEFORE your last day of employment.  UIndy IT will not be able to make any data or document transfers from these systems as we do not have the access to do so. 

If you are remaining as a UIndy student or an adjunct

If you have been awarded Emeriti Status

Faculty and staff granted Emeriti status by the UIndy Board of Trustees will retain access to a UIndy Google Workspace (e.g. Gmail, Calendar, Drive) account for life (or the mail platform's successor). 

Access to the rest of their UIndy account will terminate according to the guidelines above.  In order to retain access, emeritus faculty and staff must log in once every six months or the account may be terminated.

If you need assistance with any of the tasks outlined above, please submit a ticket at or by emailing [email protected].

You are done. Great job!